Parker in France (and I feel really stupid!)

Sometime back I created a whole page devoted to the translations of the Parker novels in French, with all kinds of great cover art.

The only problem is, I never linked it from the main page!  It was only linked in the news section, which was then archived, so it’s likely […]

A Look Back at Westlake’s Career has a retrospective on Donald Westlake’s long career.  It’s not always kind–the author doesn’t much care for the later Dortmunders, for example (which I have not yet read).  But it is good and interesting reading, whether or not you entirely agree.

He does like the second series of Parker […]

Parker Yahoo Group

Traffic to the site is way up due to the sad news of Mr. Westlake’s passing, so this is a good time for me to promote the Parker Yahoo Group.  I don’t run this, but I do read it regularly and occasionally contribute.  You should, as well!  It’s linked on the sidebar.  […]

Two More Obituaries

Levin at Large: “A Few Comments About Donald Westlake.”  Includes a brief review of Flashfire.

New Haven Review: “Funny Westlake is Missing.”

Nobody Runs Forever

Many of you have probably seen this already, but here is a terrific tribute to the late Mr. Westlake that I missed before now.

Part one and part two.

L.A. Times: Made in U.S.A review

The L.A. Times has a review of Made in U.S.A., (based on The Jugger).  Critic Kevin Thomas likes it:

Elliptical in the extreme and loaded with cinematic and political references, the film is nevertheless compelling because of Anna Karina’s radiant presence and Godard’s stunning images, dry wit, political […]

Duane Swierczynski on Westlake

Duane Swierczynski is the author of, among other books, The Wheelman, which he was kind enough to send me a couple of years back.  I don’t know how I missed his Westlake tribute from a few days ago, but I’ve found it now and here it is.

But it was Stark’s novels […]

Darwyn Cooke on Parker Adaptation

Those of you excited about Darwyn Cooke’s upcoming Parker comic book will want to check out this interview at Wizard Universe.

What draws me to the Parker books has to do with the decisions Stark made about his character. Parker is never meant to ingratiate himself to the reader in […]

Mark Finn at The Cimmerian: Rest in Peace, Donald Westlake

I want to highlight this obituary by Mark Finn, because he was the gentleman who introduced me to Parker, Stark, and Westlake in the first place.  Also, because it’s very good.

The thing that I most admired about Westlake was his ability to plot, and plot deftly, without ever a […]

Wallace Stroby’s Westlake Obituary

Crime novelist Wallace Stroby sends along his farewell to Donald Westlake:

While reading a draft of my first novel, THE BARBED-WIRE KISS, [agent Knox] Burger called me out of the blue to criticize my tendency to write overly terse, in a manner he found inappropriate for the […]