Almost Darwyn Cooke’s Blog

Reader Patrick points me to Almost Darwyn Cooke’s Blog. If there is any new Parker comic news to report, there’s a good chance it will pop up there.

I went through it and didn’t find much that hadn’t already been covered, although it did link to this Publishers Weekly piece […]

San Francisco residents: Parker double-feature alert

Those of you in the Bay area can see Point Blank and The Outfit at the Castro on Friday, February 13th. Also of note is the Richard Widmark double feature the night before.

New images for The Split

Mike at Just for the Hell of It was kind enough to send me some great  images for The Split (based on The Seventh)–a British poster and a couple of items from the pressbook. Check them out.

That shot of Jim Brown kicking Ernest Borgnine in the […]

Hard Case Crime 9/06: The Guns of Heaven by Pete Hamill (#24)


On a visit to Northern Ireland, newspaper reporter Sam Briscoe meets with a mysterious IRA leader and agrees to deliver an envelope to his supporters in New York City. It’s a decision with grave consequences-not just for Briscoe, but for […]

Introduction to the Payback edition of The Hunter posted

Thanks to Jeremy at Mysteries for Hire, I have acquired and posted Donald Westlake’s introduction to the Payback movie tie-in edition of The Hunter.

In it, Westlake discusses Richard Stark’s origin, hiatus, and re-emergence with Comeback.

You can read it […]

Slayground in 100 Must-Read Books for Men

Stephen E. Andrews writes to note that he has included Slayground in his new book, 100 Must-Read Books for Men.

100 Must Read Books For Men was published in the United Kingdom on 16th September 2008 and in the USA on 1st February […]

A Hunter Review, plus Parker and libertarianism

In the comments, Olman Feelyus highlights his review of The Hunter (the first of a threatened many Stark reviews). The whole thing is worth reading, but this passage stuck out:

Ultimately, personal liberty is what the Parker books are about. Parker is an individual, a […]

Taken compared to Richard Stark

Critic James Ward thinks you might enjoy Taken:

In the end, “Taken” is the movie equivalent of a pulp-fiction novel – something that Mickey Spillane or Richard Stark could have written. It’s tough, fast-paced and, most important, entertaining.

Anyone see this yet? If so, […]

A look at All My Lovers by Alan Marshall (Donald Westlake?)

The Fantastic Reviews blog features All My Lovers:

Completing our tribute to Donald Westlake, the Book of the Week is All My Lovers (1959), from notorious sleaze publisher Midwood Books. This book is believed to have been written by Donald Westlake under his pseudonym Alan Marshall, which he used for dozens […]

U of C Reprints: The Jugger

Coming May 2009.

A special thanks to the University of Chicago Press for sending these images along for me to share with you, and for everything else they are doing to put these books where they belong–in the hands of readers both old and new.