U of C reprints: The Rare Coin Score

Cover art for the third and final University of Chicago Press reprint in this batch.

U of C reprints: The Handle

Cover art for the new University of Chicago Press reprint of The Handle.

By the way, dear readers, I am told by a U of C representative that their Parker reprints are selling very well, and that they will be reprinting all of the books they have acquired the […]


Any HTML or WordPress geniuses out there who can tell me why two of the images in my cover gallery for The Jugger won’t center? The WYSIWYG isn’t WYSIWYGing correctly and my amateur eye sees no problem with the code.

It ain’t the end of the world, but I try […]

U of C reprints: The Seventh

The official publication date for the latest batch of Parker reprints from the University of Chicago Press is tomorrow, but they’ve actually been out for a few weeks now. I’ll be featuring the cover art this weekend.

Review: Richard Stark’s Parker: Book One–The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke

This writeup is later than intended, so by now you have likely read numerous reviews from comic book people, crime fiction fans, and Parker readers. If you’ve been reading the same reviews I have, they all say the same thing–Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Hunter is fantastic.

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