Thoughts on Plunder Squad

I have finally written up my thoughts on Plunder Squad. Here they are.

Hearing the click behind him, Parker threw his glass straight back over his right shoulder, and dove off his chair to the left. The bullet furrowed a line through the plans on the table, the sound […]

Wallace Stroby looks at the film version of The Outfit

Noir of the Week has a real treat–an essay on the film adaptation of The Outfit by crime novelist (and friend of this site) Wallace Stroby.

There’s a lot of Parker in [Robert Duvall’s Earl] Macklin, and [John] Flynn’s screenplay often approximates Westlake’s staccato, adverb-free prose. […]

Editing Hard Case Crime: A discussion with Charles Ardai

44 - Somebody Owes Me Money by Donald Westlake

I recently corresponded with Hard Case Crime editor and publisher Charles Ardai over at Rara-Avis. The inspiration for the discussion was the butchering of the Harlequin Vintage Collection to make it more politically correct. I thought that you might find the discussion interesting and asked for permission to post it here, which Mr. Ardai was kind enough to grant.

(Edited slightly.)

Trent: If I recall correctly, you edit some of your reprints (I seem to remember you asking Donald Westlake to make changes to Somebody Owes Me Money). Do I recall correctly, and if I do, what do you use as a basis for those decisions?

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News for week ending 2009-12-12

Typescript of early Westlake story “Cat Killers” available on eBay for a mere $675: # Faster than flipping through my site–first lines of all of the Parker books: # Terry Teachout at The Weekly Standard: Cases Closed: Revisiting the mysterious legacy of the late, great Donald Westlake. # Village Voice […]

News for week ending 2009-12-05

Parker novel panned by book club–“…would love to hear from some folks that ‘loved’ Dirty Money and tell us why!”: # Lee Goldberg at A Writer’s Life takes a brief look at the film version of The Outfit: # Comic Book Resources–Interview with Darwyn Cooke includes some info on his upcoming […]