Last call for a pull from The Handle

The contest Wallace Stroby and I put together to identify a reference in The Handle is drawing to a close. If you missed this earlier, details are here.

Entries will be accepted until midnight central time on Monday, April 11. I’ll be traveling, but will try to announce the winner from the road […]

Must-read interview with Brian Garfield

As part of the launch of the latest batch of Parker novels (Butcher’s Moon in particular), Levi Stahl of the University of Chicago Press has a terrific interview with Brian Garfield about his friendship and sometimes working relationship with Donald Westlake. As a bonus, it features some great photos.

I had a small […]

News for week ending 2011-04-02

The Outfit is part of the Warner Archives 5 for $50 sale. If you love movies, you won't have any trouble finding 4 more. # Weird news of the week: Miss Marple to be portrayed in new Disney series by Jennifer Garner. # Ed Gorman looks at Westlake's Pity Him Afterwards: […]

Life, guest posts, e-readers, and other miscellany


Apologies to all for the lack of updates lately. It’s for good reason. I’ve recently picked up a great part-time job that’s actually somewhat related to the career I had prior to my ill-advised job change to the real estate business–a change I made right before the economic meltdown. It’s with a […]