News for week ending 2011-07-09

1st book in the beloved Destroyer (Remo Williams) series is free. Should have used Chinese Puzzle for the promo, though! #

“The Many Faces of Donald E. Westake”: Extensive 1988 interview from The Armchair Detective

Thanks to reader Colin, we can now read and enjoy this in-depth interview with Donald Westlake from the Fall 1988 issue of The Armchair Detective.

The interview was conducted by the late mystery writer William L. DeAndrea, who had previously expressed his admiration by penning an introduction to a library-oriented edition of The Score.

At […]

Trailer and title sequence for Jimmy the Kid, plus “Keep Your Paws Off My Dog”

Jimmy the Kid, as I’m sure you know, was the Dortmunder novel that used a nonexistent Parker book (Child Heist) to launch its plot.

It’s been filmed three times. The other two versions are foreign, and, so far as I know, unseeable in the US. They may be unseeable anywhere at this point. […]

News for week ending 2011-07-02

This piece on Walter Hill sheds some light on the links between Richard Stark and not-quite-Parker film The Driver. # Mulholland Books has posted Lawrence Block's intro to the U of C Press edition of Butcher's Moon: #