U of C Parker bookmark, and some movie thoughts

Promo bookmark from the University of Chicago press. The line is from Firebreak, the last reprint to date. There’s not much to say about a bookmark beyond “Hey! Pretty cool bookmark!” (which it is), so I’ll use it as an excuse to ramble on about other things.

I relearned a lesson in the […]

News for week ending 2011-08-13

Parker film release set for 10/12. Nick Nolte as Parker's mentor? Could still be a good movie, but so much for faithful. http://t.co/G1BB8lX #

Review: Cockfighter by Charles Willeford


Charles Willeford’s Cockfighter is the story of Frank Mansfield, a professional cocker who has taken a vow that he will not speak until he wins the Cockfighter of the Year award for the Southern Conference circuit in which he competes. Achieving this will require enormous work, because he is destitute after losing […]

Westlake Score: The Sour Lemon Score / Deadly Edge (Avon softcover, June 1985); plus little-seen Avon covers

Having posted a lengthy, self-serving introduction on Monday, let’s begin my posts proper with what I cunningly call on my blog a Westlake Score—i.e., a post in which I detail a Donald E. Westlake book I’ve bought recently—in this case on eBay (for a pittance). And the book in question is […]

Who the hell is this guy, and what the hell is he doing here?

Well after Trent’s kind but typically pithy introduction—nice touch with the poster for The Limey, sir—it seems only right and proper that I step up and say hello myself, in a rather more prolix fashion (as is my wont, as you’ll soon learn).

Some of you will already know me from my meandering […]

News for week ending 2011-08-06

Top crime writers pick their favorites. Parker makes an appearance, right at the top. http://t.co/vqLDQWi # Criterion disc of Kiss Me Deadly includes "Mike Hammer's Mickey Spillane," a doc by Max Allan Collins that features DEW. http://t.co/FaXxAZs # "One motion lights it." http://t.co/eOg6ZXD # New digital-only Jack Reacher tale coming August 15th. http://t.co/Q5FfBAE […]

Introducing Nick Jones

Without actually looking it up, I’m confident that the one website I’ve linked the most in the past couple of years is Nick Jones’ Existential Ennui. So I came up with a dastardly plan–rather than just link him all the damn time, I decided to try to talk him into posting directly to […]