News for week ending 2011-12-10

I think this must be the first ever statue of Parker. I want one: # Esteemed co-blogger and proprietor of Existential Ennui gets some love from a fellow who knows a thing or two about DEW #

News for week ending 2011-12-03

Daniela Gitlin at Shrink Unwrapped–Why Donald Westlake is my Favorite Author: # The Hot Rock is available for Kindle for $1.99 today only. via @amazon # A review of Friend of the Site Wallace Stroby's Cold Shot to the Heart, now available in paperback: # Glenn Kenny at Some Came […]

Westlake Score: Butcher’s Moon by Richard Stark; 1977 UK Coronet paperback

Time for my third and final post on Butcher’s Moon, the sixteenth Donald “Richard Stark” Westlake “Parker” thriller. And having eulogised the novel in an enervating fashion and examined the 1974 Random House first edition at laborious length, for this terminal missive I want to take a look at the first—and […]

Collecting Parker: Richard Stark’s Butcher’s Moon—how to identify a true first edition

Having expounded at length—and how—on the meat (groan…) of Butcher’s Moon—i.e. reviewing the novel itself—I thought I’d ruminate for a while on the American first edition of the book: its collectibility and current value, and how to identify a true first. Those whose interest in tedious matters to do with book […]