Charles Kelly on Dan J. Marlowe

Just a quick link, really, prompted by Violent World of Parker supremo Trent, who drew my attention to an article at the Los Angeles Review of Books, which Trent tweeted about earlier (also linked by The Rap Sheet the other day). It’s a great piece on hard-boiled crime writer Dan J. […]

Guest slot: The Wolf Man, by Christopher Lyons

Let’s keep the introductions to a minimum this time: the first part of Chris’s two-part guest essay, “The Man Who Doesn’t Wink,” can be found here, so go read that (if you haven’t already) to get yourself up to speed. As before, we welcome your comments, even more so now […]

News for week ending 2012-03-10

Levi Stahl at I've Been Reading Lately–Back in 1977, or, The Comedy Is Finished # Geoff Boucher at the LA Times' Hero Complex–Spider-Man at 50: Darwyn Cooke found a career in 1973 issue: # New short stories and novellas in Murphy & Sapir's Destroyer series coming soon to e-book. Murphy close […]

The Split finally comes to DVD

Image from Warner Archives release announcement e-mail

(Via Wallace Stroby.)

Does this mean I have to watch it again?

Here’s the announcement from the Warner Archive:

THE SPLIT (1968) Richard Stark’s The Seventh (part of his iconic series of ‘Parker’ novels) gets the Jim Brown treatment in this neo-noir tale of […]

Guest slot: The Man Who Doesn’t Wink, by Christopher Lyons

It’s guest slot time here on The Violent World of Parker. Trent has of course hosted guest posts before—one of them by me, no less, in my pre-co-blogger days—but now I’m muscling in on the act as well—partly because it saves me writing anything (apart from this intro), but mostly because […]

Grab-bag post: The VWOP Gazette, Blackbird Books, Sam Holt, Dead Man #3

Here’s a round-up of some interesting stuff from the past few weeks.

The Violent World of Parker Gazette

You may have noticed a new feature, The Violent World of Parker Gazette, in the sidebar. A click will take you to the main page, which is a newspaper-like thing that features some of my […]

Interview with Maxim Jakubowski on Donald Westlake.

Paul Westlake has uploaded a two-part interview with Maxim Jakubowski (writer, editor, collector, founder of London’s Murder One Bookshop), on the subject of Donald Westlake. He discusses his relationship with Westlake as both a friend and fan, and offers plenty of wisdom on exploring the Westlake catalog.

The official Donald Westlake site has […]

News for week ending 2012-03-03

DBC Reads–A semi-pan of The Comedy is Finished. Spoilers. # At the Scene of the Crime–Predator (a review of The Hunter): # Dave Zeltserman has a new e-book series for the Not Quite Parker section. Dammit, I need to find some time to read!: […]

Westlake Score: Comeback, by Richard Stark (Robert Hale, 2001)

(NB: A version of this post also appears on Existential Ennui.)

If you’ve been following my Existential Ennui posts on the Donald E. Westlake/Richard Stark first-and-other editions I’ve bought and collected over the years—and if you have, I’d like to offer both my commiserations and my profound apologies—you’ll perhaps have noticed […]